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Attorney Admission

Roster of Admitted Attorneys

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Attorney Admission to Practice

 Admission to practice in the Western District of Kentucky is governed by LR 83.1 and LCrR 57.1.  To seek admission to the Western District, the following must be submitted to the Court:

  1. Application for Admission (either by Written Motion or by Appointment before the Court);
  1. Authorization and Release;
  1. Affidavit of sponsorship signed by a member of the bar; and
  1. Admission fee of $218.00.

You must request E-Filing privileges by going to  E-filing privileges will NOT be granted until your admission has been approved by the Court.


Motions To Appear Pro Hac Vice

Motions to appear pro hac vice are governed by See LR 83.2 and LCrR 57.2.  Such a motion may be filed traditionally (by paper) or the Motion can be e-filed by an attorney (who is admitted and associated with the case) on behalf of the attorney who is not admitted to the Western District of Kentucky. When seeking to appear pro hac vice, the following should be submitted to the Court:

  1. Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice (hand signed);
  1. Certificate of good standing from the highest court of the state in which Applicant is a resident; and
  1. Pro Hac fee of $125.00

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