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After Hours Filing

After Hours Filing

Documents may be e-filed via CM/ECF 24-hours per day, year round by those with a login and password.  Self-represented litigants who do not have access to file documents electronically and who are unable to file documents in one of the Clerk’s staffed offices during regular business hours, may file their documents using any of the following methods:

  • Regular Mail.  Documents may be sent to any office via regular U.S. Mail.
  • Drop Boxes.  Documents may be deposited in the drop boxes located outside each courthouse.  The contents of all drop boxes are collected on the morning of each working day and any document deposited therein will be stamped “filed” on the date of the preceding business day (except Louisville).  
  • Via Email.  Pursuant to General Order 20-04, self-represented litigants may file documents by email directed to

After Hours Emergency Filing Procedures

If you are filing an application for a temporary restraining order (TRO) or similar document requesting emergency relief outside of the Clerk’s Office’s regular business hours and court attention is needed prior to the next business day, you should notify the Clerk’s Office by email at  Please include the case number (if available), the named parties, and your telephone number. 

All relevant documents should first be filed via CM/ECF (or if you are proceeding pro se, by any of the filing methods noted above).  In some instances, filing fees will have to be paid and security bonds posted. If these transactions cannot occur via CM/ECF at the time of filing, the court will require timely payment during the next business day at any divisional office.