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Multidistrict Litigation

In Re: Countrywide Financial Corp. Mortgage Lending Practices Litigation

MDL 1974   -   Master Case File 3:08-md-1974-JGH


In Re: Countrywide Financial Corp. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation

MDL 1998   -   Master Case File 3:08-md-1998-TBR


In Re: Yamaha Motor Corp. Rhino ATV Products Liability Litigation

MDL 2016   -   Master Case File 3:09-md-2016-JBC


In Re: SIGG Switzerland (USA), Inc., Aluminum Bottles Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation

MDL 2137   -   Master Case File 3:10-md-2137-JGH


In Re: Skechers Toning Shoe Products Liability Litigation

MDL 2308   -   Master Case File 3:11-md-2308-TBR


In Re: Amazon Inc., Fullfillment Center Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Wage and Hour Litigation

MDL 2504   -   Master Case File 3:14-md-2504-DJH