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Criminal Justice Act (CJA) and eVoucher Information and Documentation




Initial Login to eVoucher


CJA eVoucher is a web-based application that provides councel, expert service providers, court staff, and judges witht he ability to electronically create and process CJA vouchers and documents. Users may access the eVoucher application through Internet Explorer version 8 or greater or Apple Safari version 5.1 or greater. NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer 10 or higher, you will need to turn on Compatibility Mode in the browser for eVoucher to work. To use the Windows 10 EDGE browser please execute this work around. Other available browsers are Google Chrome (ver. 62 and higher) and Mozilla Firefox (ver 57 and higher).

 In order to use the eVoucher Application, CJA panel attorneys will require a unique login and password. In order to obtain this information, please complete the attached CJA eVoucher Attorney Acknowledgement Form and send it via email to


Electronic Learning Modules

Due to the size of the electronic learning modules below, you may experience a short delay as the module loads to your browser.


Manuals and Documentation


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